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Most people know that you must perform regular maintenance on regular air conditioning units, but tend to forget that window air conditioning units need attention as well.

If you want an air conditioning unit that works optimally and efficiently for your home, it is important to find one that is the proper size. Air conditioning units come in all different sizes and performance capabilities. A lot of folks think that the bigger the unit, the better.

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It didn’t take long for the Georgia heat to hit this year. Our winter was practically nonexistent!

Heating Company DouglasvilleIt’s spring-time and we can definitely tell it, here in Douglasville. Just take a peek in the allergy relief aisle at the pharmacy – it is inevitably buzzing with people in search of relief from allergy symptoms.

With the school year almost over, why not think about using the summer to teach your kids how to be more “green”.  There are lots of little ways we can conserve energy, water and other resources around our home without having to invest a great amount of time or money.

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Last week, we talked about how in many cases the air inside the home is typically more polluted and of worse quality than the air outdoors. We also learned that people, on average,