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Rodney and Gwendolyn Banks

Cold weather unsurprisingly can make us spend more energy to stay warm and cozy. Unfortunately, there will always be unavoidable expenses that come with cold

Now that cold weather is almost upon here, you should start making sure your heating system is functioning properly and efficiently to reduce the risk of problems down the road. While making sure everything is in working order you should also check to make sure you have proper attic insulation.

As we have become more aware of our environment, our going green efforts have been increasing exponentially. Sometimes the effort causes a dramatic change to some of our business and domestic activities, while other times we just need to slightly alter our behavior.

Now that we are progressing into the year, cold weather will soon settle at our doorsteps. While we’ve experienced a thoroughly hot and sticky summer, the temperature will undoubtedly drop, and we shouldn’t let our guards down. In fact, now’s the time to prepare for frigid weather and have our heating systems’ maintenance performed because:

In a model world, we wouldn’t have to worry about failing systems or inefficient equipment, especially those that contribute to the comfort of our homes like our air conditioning systems.

The last place you would want to experience discomfort is in your own home - especially with this harsh heat we’ve been experiencing. It should be a haven from the pains and irritations of the outside world, so pollutants should be the last thing you would want in your home.

Although saving money is a top priority for most families, many do not realize that proper care for their heating and cooling systems can wind up saving them a lot of
money – and their systems. Extending the life of your systems can be easy and

What many do not consider when purchasing a heating or cooling unit for their home is that their equipment will require maintenance. Waiting until a major malfunction occurs can be overly costly and may cause you to go a couple of days in discomfort in your living space.