Although living in comfort and saving money is a top priority in every household, many don’t realize that much comfort and savings can be obtained by keeping up with their heating and air conditioning systems. Here is a list to prolong the life of your systems:

Keeping it Clean

By keeping your heating and air conditioning units clean, they are able to run smoother and more efficient. You are able to extend the life of your systems because it lowers on the wear and tear, thus lowering the work input and reducing the risk of repairs and premature equipment replacement. Once a week, you should check the humidity levels around your equipment and make sure the space they inhabit is clean.  Also, replace your filters about once a month; they’re in place to protect your equipment, and a dirty filter is not good protection.

Maintain a Proper Environment

Maintaining a proper environment for your heating and cooling systems is easy and helps with prolonging the life of your equipment. Keep your air conditioning unit in shade with at least a five foot radius free of debris helps prevent your system from overheating. An overheating system greatly increases the wear and tear and rapidly decreases its work efficiency. Not only does the area have to be clean for your heating and air conditioning systems, but the environment has to be safe for the equipment as well. Make sure your vents are closed if you are running a heat pump to prevent excessive wear and tear and permanent damage to your system.  By making a habit of checking the environments can greatly contribute to longer lasting and healthier systems.


Although having to get every minor problem in your systems fixed whenever they surface may seem like a hassle, it can save you a lot of money. It helps your heating and cooling systems run more efficiently and, on average, it doubles the lifespan of your equipment. Call on Douglassville Heating and Air Conditioning for repairs for properly working units. The technicians will take the time to explain why something is malfunctioning or what may become a future problem if regular maintenance doesn’t occur. For instance, ignored duct leaks can cause humidity problems that can cause discomfort and irreversible damage to your systems over time. The more diligent you are on regular maintenance, the longer your equipment will last and the more comfortable you will be.

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