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I never guessed my little yard had so much energy. Thank you for your patience as I tried to figure out how much money I would save. I'm glad I did this. My home feels so comfortable.


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Save energy this summer without sacrificing your home comfort with these tips from the HVAC specialists at Anchor. Get started with AC services, smart thermostat installation & more.

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Is your AC over a decade old or underperforming? Consider replacing it before summer for better cooling and savings. Get your AC on a maintenance plan with Anchor.

HVAC filter and Dehumidification

Spring is here in Douglasville and surrounding areas, which means so is Atlanta allergy season. Have you been noticing an increase in allergy symptoms in your home? While the source could very well be spring allergies, there could also be a problem with your home’s indoor air quality. 

space heater inside of house

We’re lucky to have pretty mild winters here in the Smyrna and metro-Atlanta area and investing in a whole-home furnace to get usage for just a few months doesn’t make sense for many homeowners. While electric space heaters may seem like a logical choice for home heating throughout the winter, they can actually pose a hazard to your family. 

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Keep your Metro Atlanta home comfortable and efficient all winter long by upgrading to a smart thermostat.

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Keep your heating system operating at peak performance this winter with these tips. Contact Anchor for heating installation, repair, maintenance, and more.

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Knowing when to repair or replace your HVAC system is tricky, so look out for these red flags. Call Anchor in Douglasville and surrounding areas for HVAC replacement!

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Find out how to keep your indoor air quality healthy and clean this holiday season with these tips from Anchor Heating & Air. Schedule your indoor air quality services today.

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Wouldn't it be great if you could rely on your heating and air conditioning systems to keep your home comfortable year-round, without having to remember to schedule regular maintenance visits?

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Learn how you can solve uneven indoor temperatures with HVAC solutions from Anchor! From heating maintenance visits to furnace replacement and even mini split installation, we’ve got the right options for your home—call our team today.