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I can always count on you. You always ensure a service person comes to my home as soon as humanly possible. A special thanks for having a window unit brought out immediately upon your arrival and setting it in place. You were a "lifesaver."

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Want to keep your furnace or heat pump running optimally? Here, we cover key steps you can take to ensure your metro-Atlanta home is the ideal temperature–no matter how finicky the weather gets. For all your repairs, questions, and needs, the experts at Anchor Heating & Air Co. have you covered.

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Keep heating bills low and ensure your home is comfortable all winter long—check out these fall tips from Anchor, Atlanta’s home heating experts!

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By considering your furnace and heating system now, you can avoid expensive breakdowns and wasted energy when winter arrives. Schedule furnace maintenance for your Atlanta home with Anchor Heating & Air Co. to save on heating bills all winter long.

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Curious about AC maintenance plans? Wondering how often your HVAC system should be serviced? Atlanta-area HVAC systems do a lot for our homes year-round, so it's smart to care for them to keep them running well and prevent emergency breakdowns. Anchor Heating & Air is dedicated to helping homeowners maintain their HVAC systems with an HVAC maintenance plan called EZ-Pay.

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Wondering why your house is hot? Fewer places feel as hot as Atlanta in the summertime, so Anchor Heating & Air works hard to help metro-Atlanta homeowners and their families comfortable in the relentless Georgia heat.

Keep Your Home's Air Cool and Fresh this Summer

Is the air in your Georgia home far from refreshing? The experts at Anchor AC have some tips to fill your home with cool, fresh air.

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Learn how to lower the humidity in your house this summer with the HVAC experts at Anchor. As a Trane authorized dealer, we offer new AC installation, heat pumps, whole-home dehumidifiers, and more.

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An efficient air conditioner uses less energy to provide the cool air you need, and only runs when you need it. Learn more about how to reduce your cooling system energy use from the AC installation and maintenance experts at Anchor Heating & Air Co.

Why is My AC Making that Sound?

Learn some of the top causes of sounds coming from your AC. Is your metro area Atlanta home's air conditioner making a new or unexpected noise? Explore various noises and common repairs. If it's too much of a mystery, call Anchor AC for help when it's safer and smarter to bring in the pros.

Still from Anchor [VIDEOGRAPHIC] - How a Heat Pump Works & Why You Need One

Make finished basements, glassed-in porches, and bonus rooms more comfortable with mini-split installation from Anchor. Learn more about how heat pumps work and why Atlanta homeowners can use them as affordable single-room add-ons to their existing HVAC system.