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I can always count on you. You always ensure a service person comes to my home as soon as humanly possible. A special thanks for having a window unit brought out immediately upon your arrival and setting it in place. You were a "lifesaver."

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Lower your heating bills and improve your home comfort with the efficiency and convenience of installing a Nexia smart thermostat in your Georgia home. Anchor Heating & Air Conditioning explains the various ways you can benefit from having more control over your HVAC system.

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Help create a comfortable and healthy indoor environment by upgrading your HVAC system with Anchor Heating & Air. Not only will installing a new AC, furnace, or heat pump reduce energy costs and improve home comfort, but keeping your new system maintained can reduce air pollutants—learn more.

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Get your Marietta GA holiday celebrations off to a safe and cozy start with heating system maintenance from the furnace pros at Anchor Heating & Air. Keep family and friends healthy and comfortable with furnace safety and cleaning in Atlanta's Southern Crescent.

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Reduce allergen levels in your home's indoor air with HVAC services from Anchor. Atlanta's heating and air conditioning experts explain a few of the ways that homeowners can help improve their indoor air quality and fight back against fall allergies, from regular vacuuming to heating maintenance.

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Take a look inside Anchor AC's fall 2020 newsletter for more information on how to make the most of your autumn as well as helpful tips on keeping your Atlanta, GA area home warm and comfortable with Trane equipment.

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Keep energy bills low and comfort levels high with regular HVAC maintenance, which includes replacing or cleaning your system's air filters! Anchor Heating & Air explains why keeping your air filters clean is so important and how to do it. Schedule a tune-up for your system for high efficiency operation year-round today.

As the president and owner of Anchor Heating and Air, I would like to take a moment and address our customers as we attempt to navigate the circumstances around the Coronavirus outbreak and the ways that we can help our customers with their heating and cooling needs.

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Improve the quality of the air inside your home this winter with HVAC upgrades from Anchor. Learn more about how your heating and cooling system can directly affect the indoor air quality of your Metro-Atlanta home.

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Caring about the community is not just a slogan, it's the long-time commitment of the team at Anchor Heating & AC. We're not only focused on bringing comfort and improved energy efficiency to Douglasville, Georgia homeowners, but we devote our time and resources to causes in the community that we care about.

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AC not working? Looking to upgrade your cooling system but having trouble making a decision? Anchor Heating & Air breaks down the differences between central air conditioners and mini-split heat pumps for homeowners in the Metro Atlanta area.