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Staying cool and comfortable through the humid summers is crucial here in Peachtree City and the surrounding Metro-Atlanta area. There are a wide variety of cooling systems available on the market today, but heat pumps offer a unique and efficient solution. 

As a Trane Comfort Specialist, Anchor Heating & Air can install an industry-leading heat pump in your home. Trane heat pumps are reliable cooling systems that are built to last! 

How Heat Pumps Work

Heat pumps are unlike conventional AC systems. In the summer, they work the same way an air conditioner does, by moving heat out of your living spaces to cool your home. But they can also provide efficient heating all winter long. In the winter, heat pumps work in reverse, extracting heat from the air outside and bringing it into your home to keep it warm. 

Ducted vs. Ductless Heat Pumps

In addition to their versatile operation, heat pumps also come in two options for installation: ducted and ductless. Ducted heat pumps connect directly to your home’s central duct system, while ductless systems offer the same technology without the need for ductwork at all. 

Also referred to as mini splits, ductless heat pumps utilize individual air handlers in specific areas of your home. Each air handler can be set to its own temperature to provide zoned heating and cooling with high-performance efficiency. At Anchor Heating & Air, we install both ducted and ductless mini split heat pump systems and can help determine which option is the best choice for your home’s specific needs.

Why Choose a Trane Heat Pump for Cooling?

Trane has been a leader in the HVAC industry for more than 100 years and they offer a wide selection of both ducted and mini split heat pumps. As your local Trane Comfort Specialist, the highly-trained team at Anchor Heating & Air can provide expert installation, repair, and maintenance of their innovative heating and cooling systems. 

There are many advantages that heat pumps offer when compared to a traditional air conditioner, including: 

  • Superior efficiency - A cooling system’s efficiency is measured by what’s called a SEER rating (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio), with higher ratings meaning more energy savings. Trane heat pumps are some of the most efficient systems available and come with a SEER rating of up to 21.
  • Humidity control - Balancing the indoor humidity levels in your home is imperative to maintaining your comfort throughout the hotter months, and Trane’s Comfort-R™ technology can keep excess moisture out of your living spaces. 
  • Improved indoor air quality - Heat pumps don’t use fossil fuel combustion, which means they’ll keep your home safe from carbon monoxide leaks and other indoor air quality issues.
  • All-electric operation - Heat pumps are a great option for Atlanta homeowners looking to electrify their homes, reduce their carbon footprint, and reduce their energy consumption for heating and cooling.
  • Long lifespan - A Trane heat pump can last up to 15 years, providing energy savings and enhanced comfort from the start. When you pair their high-quality systems with expert maintenance services, you can ensure peak performance throughout its entire lifespan. 
  • 10-year warranty - All Trane heat pumps installed by a certified Trane installer, like Anchor Heating & Air, come with the best warranty in the industry! 

Anchor Heating & Air: Your Trane Heat Pump Expert

At Anchor Heating & Air, we pride ourselves on our ability to create maximum comfort in the trickiest of home environments. We’ve been local leaders in the HVAC industry since 1971 and have undergone extensive training on Trane’s advanced heat pump systems to provide experienced and knowledgeable installation, repair, and maintenance services. 

Install a heat pump in your Atlanta-area home! Call (770) 942-2873 or contact us to schedule a free in-home consultation. 

We are proud to be a Trane authorized dealer

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