Although we hate the idea of having to replace our heating and cooling systems, eventually it has to happen. Here are some things to consider if you should replace your equipment or just have the repaired:

  • If your older system keeps failing and if it the equipment was properly installed, then it may simply be just worn out parts. Over the years, your equipment naturally undergoes wear and tear from use, and eventually those parts lose their efficiency. When this happens, it’s time to get your equipment replaced. Before you do so, make sure you get an expert’s opinion; there is always the possibility that there is something else wrong with your equipment not linked to old age.
  • Another reason you may need to replace your cooling and heating equipment is the price of fixing vs. the price of replacing. If it’s cheaper to replace the system than to fix it, then you should obviously replace it. If the price difference between fixing and replacing is small, it is usually recommended to replace; newer models are more efficient and typically experience less maintenance problems than the older ones.
  • You may want to replace equipment that constantly requires repairs, even if they are relatively small or inexpensive. The more repairs you have to perform, the more expensive that equipment becomes. If the equipment is new and constantly needs attention, chances are it was improperly installed or is a lemon unit. If it was improperly installed, our experts can quickly fix it. Otherwise, it may be cheaper to replace it.

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