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As we all know, heating and cooling systems for our homes will require maintenance, no matter how advanced the equipment is. Otherwise, a major malfunction can and will occur which will require costly repairs and may cause a few days of discomfort.

When working to improve one’s business, it rarely comes to mind that better air quality goes a long way –both for the customers and the employees. Here are some tips to reduce the allergen levels in your business for a better experience:


Your home is the last place you’d want to have excess amounts of allergens. Here are some tips from Anchor Heating & Air to help you avoid allergen buildup for a more comfortable time.

The hairy crazy ants are a new pest to America and are rapidly spreading through the southern states. These ants seem very frantic and can be more than just a little hassle:

Hairy Crazy Ants

A good family project for this summer is to teach your kids to go green and to set green objectives for your household. Here are some tips and ideas for a green home:

Save on Power

Air quality in homes and other buildings typically is more difficult to maintain during this season. Here are some tips to help make your air cleaner for your home:

Warm weather is upon us and soon we’ll be immersed in a hotter, more humid climate once June & July rolls around. Unfortunately, this swampy Georgia weather tends to make our energy bills skyrocket in order to stay comfortable at home. Here are some sage tips to keep your comfort levels up and cooling costs down.

When it comes to home comfort, you would want nothing short of the best services. With Anchor AC, you will experience nothing but the best services for your home heating and cooling equipment:

We’re Professional

Now that the warm weather is upon us, here are some tips to remind you how to save money while living comfortably at home:

Now that May is here, the weather we’ll experience will only get warmer. With warmer weather comes more work required to keep our homes cool and comfortable, which means more wear and tear on our cooling systems.