Thank you for the prompt and professional service. For the record! The unit that was replaced was a twenty-one (21) year old Trane heat pump originally installed by Anchor. It had performed flawlessly for all these years with only minimum maintenance.

J. Howell

It sometimes seems your air conditioner or furnace has a mind of its own by choosing the most inopportune time to break down. For this reason, Anchor Heating & Air has 25 trucks in their fleet to help them get to your home or office before things get too uncomfortable.

Now that spring is upon us, it is going to be harder to keep the air free of allergens. Here are some tips to help keep your office air clean so you can work in a comfortable environment and fully focus on your business:

This cool weather is not going to last for much longer. Spring is fast approaching, and before you realize it, we will be experiencing some sweltering days. Before the warm weather kicks in, make sure your home cooling system is in working order:

It’s Cheaper

The average frost last until the first weeks of April in Georgia; until that time comes around, we still have a lot of cold weather to go through. Here are some more tips and reminders to help save money during this frigid weather:

It is important to properly maintain your heating equipment to avoid potential breakdowns.

One of the many factors that help decide success for a business is its cleanliness. The cleaner a business, the more professional it looks. But just looking clean won’t necessarily help if the indoor air is stuffy and poor quality. Here are some tips to keep the air clean for your business:


Winter is the season in which households typically spend the most to stay comfortable. What many do not realize is that you do not have to spend a lot to stay warm, as long as you know how. Here are some tips so that you can save money and live comfortably during the winter

Although living in comfort and saving money is a top priority in every household, many don’t realize that much comfort and savings can be obtained by keeping up with their heating and air conditioning systems. Here is a list to prolong the life of your systems:

Anchor Heating and Air Conditioning offers great residential services that our competitors just can’t match. Whether you need an inspection or you need to replace all or part of your heating and cooling system, we are the best option for your home.

Although we hate the idea of having to replace our heating and cooling systems, eventually it has to happen. Here are some things to consider if you should replace your equipment or just have the repaired: