One of the many factors that help decide success for a business is its cleanliness. The cleaner a business, the more professional it looks. But just looking clean won’t necessarily help if the indoor air is stuffy and poor quality. Here are some tips to keep the air clean for your business:


  • Place mats at the entrances and exits of your building to experience cleaner air. They help trap and prevent dirt and dust from spreading throughout the building. These mats need to be cleaned regularly, especially the ones by the most frequently used doors because the dirtier the mat, the less effective it is at keeping your business and air clean.
  • Keep the outside of your business clean and maintained. Doing simple things such as sweeping the sidewalks and picking up litter outside can lead to cleaner air for your business because the cleaner the perimeter around the building is, the less likely debris and air pollutants will be tracked inside.
  • Regularly cleaning your business goes a long way to maintaining clean air by not allowing dirt and dust to accumulate. Make sure you regularly vacuum any rugs and carpeting because the dust and air pollutants that readily collect can be easily stirred up by foot traffic.
  • Maintain clean restrooms. By nature, public restrooms can become extremely unsanitary if neglected, which can contribute to poor air quality within your business.
  • Swiftly clean up any spills and make sure your business doesn’t have any areas that are regularly damp. Mold, which can dirty your air by releasing a high amount of spores, can buildup in cool and moist areas.
  • Make use of humidifiers and dehumidifiers; they can go a long way for clean air.


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