The average frost last until the first weeks of April in Georgia; until that time comes around, we still have a lot of cold weather to go through. Here are some more tips and reminders to help save money during this frigid weather:

  • Keep your blinds open to windows that receive sunlight during the day. By doing so, you are essentially warming your home with a free source of energy. However, do not forget to close your blinds when the sun goes down; you can just as easily cool your living space.
  • Caulk up any windows with a draft and weather strip your doors to help keep the heat inside of your home. An effective alternative to weather stripping your doors is to stuff towels in the bottom spaces.
  • Always keep your garage door and crawl spaces closed. Otherwise, you’ll be spending too much to replace the displaced heat every day.
  • Don’t fluctuate the temperature in your home but have the thermostat set at a constant temperature. When you leave your home for long periods of time, you can save money by turning off the heat. Remember, the lower your thermostat is set, the more money you save (this is where sweaters and sweatshirts can come in handy).
  • Lower your water heater to about 120 degrees Fahrenheit and install an insulation jacket on your water heater (they’re available for both gas and electric heaters.
  • Make sure your attic is properly insulated. Heat rises, and inadequate insulation can cause you to spend a lot of money to warm your home.

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