Winter weather is the source of much fun and mirth, especially when it snows. Unfortunately, it can also be very dangerous, and every year unfortunate souls succumb to the dangers of winter. Here are some tips to stay safe in cold weather so you can enjoy those outdoor activities:

Be Prepared/ Have an Emergency Kit

Always be prepared for disaster. Having an emergency kit with you at all times will greatly improve the situation. Because each outdoor activity aren’t the same, make sure your emergency kit is properly prepared ahead of time. You should also establish a proper plan in case an emergency situation arises. Winter weather can be unpredictable, so make sure you can handle whatever unexpected situation is thrown at you. Remember, no matter the outdoor activity, never be alone and never wander off alone. Establish a buddy system whenever your group splits up, and if possible, make sure you can communicate with other members of your party.


Although this may sound unlikely, it can be very easy to overheat during outdoor activities. Dress warmly and in layers, and if you feel yourself getting too hot, peel off layers as necessary. Do not discard them, or lose them, as this can lead to hypothermia, and in extreme cases, death. Unfortunately, there have been instances of individuals lost in the wilderness and taking off clothing due to overheating and leaving them behind to wind up succumbing to hypothermia (this is partly due to panic and disorientation). To help prevent this from happening, use the buddy system (we can’t stress this enough)!


Hypothermia, or abnormally low body temperature, occurs when you lose body heat faster than it is produced.  This usually occurs gradually, so it generally sneaks up on its victims, and the symptoms include shivering, incoherent speech, numbness, impaired judgment, weakness, and loss of consciousness. When this occurs, get the person to a warm, dry place and seek medical attention. Take off any wet clothing and dry the victim. Slowly warm the person (wrapping them in blankets helps) and use your own body heat if necessary. Warming too quickly can be very hazardous. Warm the abdomen first and extremities last to avoid shock.

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