I never guessed my little yard had so much energy. Thank you for your patience as I tried to figure out how much money I would save. I'm glad I did this. My home feels so comfortable.


Did you know that your lighting choices can actually save you money?

You can save money on your heating bill!

Heating Company DouglasvilleWe are always trying to save money where we can, but it becomes even more important to conserve and be frugal around the holidays.  With so many more added expenses this time of year, if it is possible to save a few bucks in other areas, than we should we... Read more

We know that during the fall and winter season there are a lot of people who use space heaters.  Some rely solely on space heaters to for heat in their home; others use space heaters to heat specific rooms that seem to never warm up; and others use them so they can turn the thermostat down and save a... Read more

Air Conditioning Company DouglasvilleWith the winter season upon us, we not only have to prepare our homes for the freezing temperatures, but for those of us with gardens or outside plants, we have to prepare our plants as well.

As frigid temperatures quickly approach us (it gets worse, folks) it is time to start thinking about how we can save money during the winter.  We discussed many tips for saving money during the sweltering summer months, but there are also some things you can do to conserve energy and gas consumption during these colder upcoming months.

As temperatures continue to drop and more and more people begin to make use of their heating systems – we are reminded of the dangers that accompany that.  We talked about fire safety a few weeks ago, so we thought we should discuss something that is equally as important: Carbon Monoxide.

Air Conditioning Company Douglasville

Do you have a plan to protect your family in the event of a fire?