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Thank you for the prompt and professional service. For the record! The unit that was replaced was a twenty-one (21) year old Trane heat pump originally installed by Anchor. It had performed flawlessly for all these years with only minimum maintenance.

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Having a reliable source of heating is crucial to your home comfort throughout the winter in Douglasville and the surrounding areas. Anchor Heating & Air is a local Trane Comfort Specialist, offering expert installation of Trane high-efficiency heat pump HVAC systems. Known for their all-electric operation, heat pumps can both heat your home during the winter and keep you cool and comfortable in the muggy Georgia summers.

How a Heat Pump Works

Heat pumps offer a cleaner and more efficient alternative for heating and cooling by moving heat in or out of your home, depending on where it’s needed. Because of this and their electric operation, heat pumps are also some of the most environmentally friendly HVAC options on the market today and are a crucial part of home electrification.

During the winter, heat pumps will extract heat from the air outside of your home—even in freezing temperatures—to bring indoors and keep you warm. During the summer, heat pumps work in reverse by removing the heat inside of your home and placing it outside. Since heat pumps offer year-round home comfort, they can be used as both a furnace and AC replacement

Ducted vs Mini Split Heat Pumps

A heat pump can be connected to your home’s central duct system, but they also come in ductless form with ductless mini splits. Both options utilize the same technology, but mini splits have individual air handlers placed throughout your home to offer zoned comfort for optimal energy efficiency. At Anchor Heating & Air, we install both types of heat pumps in the metro Atlanta area, including Peachtree City, Palmetto, and more.

Trane Heat Pump Installation

Trane offers a wide variety of both ducted and mini split heat pumps, and as Trane Comfort Specialists our team can help find the right choice for your budget and home’s specific needs. As an innovative leader in the HVAC industry for over 100 years, Trane builds some of the top-performing heat pumps on the market today, offering several benefits, including:

  • Superior efficiency -  A heat pump’s efficiency is measured by what’s called the Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio, or SEER, with higher ratings meaning a more efficient system. Trane offers heat pumps with up to a 21 SEER rating, some of the most efficient models available.
  • Humidity control - Trane’s Comfort-R™ technology regulates air speed to help keep your home’s humidity at optimal levels, which is important for Georgia’s climate.
  • 10-Year warranty - When you install a Trane heat pump with a Comfort Specialist like Anchor Heating & Air, you get a 10-year warranty, which is the best in the industry. 
  • Long lifespan - With regular maintenance, your home’s heat pump will last for approximately 15 years, providing exceptional comfort and savings from the very start.
  • Improved indoor air quality - Since heat pumps don’t operate on fossil fuel combustion, you’ll eliminate your risks of carbon monoxide leaks and other combustion-related contaminants entering your home. 
  • All-electric heating & cooling - The US Energy Information Administration reports that more than half of a home’s energy consumption is used for heating and cooling, making energy efficient heat pumps a great choice for homeowners. This also means that heat pumps can drastically lower your reliance on fossil fuels and help you take a step towards electrifying your home. 

Trane Heat Pumps from Anchor Heating & Air 

Anchor Heating & Air has been helping homeowners make their homes more comfortable and efficient since 1971 with our comprehensive HVAC services. Regardless of what season it is, a new Trane heat pump installed by the specialists at Anchor will help you enjoy energy savings and a healthier home.

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