Anchor Heating and Air Conditioning offers great residential services that our competitors just can’t match. Whether you need an inspection or you need to replace all or part of your heating and cooling system, we are the best option for your home. We guarantee that you will understand benefits, costs, and options up front, that we will keep your home clean while we work, we warranty our work, and we will complete each job to your satisfaction. Take a look at a few of our offered premium residential services:

New Equipment

Our technicians will help you make the right choice for your home by showing you the best options. They have the training and expertise to fully maximize your existing system and also to redesign your home with the best possible system, depending on what your home needs; sometimes, it is simply best to replace your existing equipment with the same models. Our technicians also take the time to measure your house and perform load calculations, which helps properly size up the equipment, before giving a quote.

Whole House Checkup

By auditing your home’s energy use, we can spot leaks and identify ways to conserve your energy output so you can save money. Our Comfort Consultant with your household to discuss aspects about your home that may be a little off, such as damp areas or unusual drafts in the house. Our consultant will also inspect your home for leaks, inadequate insulation, and other maladies that can lead to discomfort and health problems. Our consultant will also help formulate a plan to save money, reduce any problems with your equipment, and to help maintain a healthy environment. Remember, our home checkups can save you 25% on your energy bills from leaky ductwork alone!

Regular Maintenance

By having Douglasville Heating and Air Conditioning perform regular maintenance on your equipment, you are able to prevent major problems and malfunctions that can be very expensive to repair or replace as well as avoid major discomfort in your home. On average, regular maintenance can double the lifespan of your heating and air conditioning equipment, which can save a lot of money over time. With our service plan, you get two service visits ahead of each season’s peak. Our technician will go through a detailed checklist with a script of your equipment history, and will alert you of potential up-coming breakdowns as well as your overall system status.

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