We have snow! We know that some of you are enjoying this snow day, but with temperatures so cold, there is the risk of pipes freezing and eventually bursting. If you’ve ever dealt with that before, you know it is no fun! We have a few tips to help you protect your pipes so you can get back to your hot cocoa and watching the snowflakes fall without worrying about potential pipe bursts.

Keep the Water Running

Letting the water slowly drip will not prevent freezing necessarily, but it will allow some relief from the excess pressure that can build up between the faucet and the blockage if freezing does happen to occur. That excess water pressure is what will cause the pipes to burst, so it is a good first step in preventing that situation. Of course, this does waste water, so you should identify the pipes that are prone to freezing (ones that are exposed to the freezing air) and focus on those. You can also collect the water throughout the day to use for other purposes, such as watering indoor plants, or for cooking. Remember, the money spent on the dripping water is less than what you would spend on repairing burst pipes.

Insulate the Pipes

Pipe insulator works great for protecting your pipes from cold, moving air and keeping them dry. If you don’t already have this on hand, you can use towels to insulate vulnerable areas of your pipes.

Be Prepared

In the event of pipes bursting, you should know where the main water cutoff is. This will allow you to quickly shut the water off and prevent excessive water damage in your home. You should also keep the number of your plumber on hand – you will want to call them immediately after you discover your pipes are frozen. Sometimes, pipes can thaw without any problems, but other times they will be damaged in the freezing process and when they thaw, they can burst.

If you have any other tips for protecting your pipes during cold, freezing weather – stop by our Facebook page and share with our online community. We hope you all stay warm and safe out there!

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