Do you have poor indoor air quality? A good sign that your air quality is not what it should be is symptoms like runny or stuffed nose, itchy eyes and throat, a general sense of illness, etc. The symptoms usually persist whenever you are home and subside when you are away for awhile. The good news is you can improve the indoor air quality in your home. Check out these six tips for achieving cleaner air in the home.


  1. Vacuum, dust and clean on a regular basis. Perform a deep clean regularly throughout the year to keep dust from building up and creating unhealthy air in your home.
  2. In the winter months especially, our pets spend much more time indoors. This means they are shedding more fur, dander and allergens from outdoors in your home. Be sure to launder their bedding and give them baths regularly.
  3. Air circulation is important for good indoor air quality as well. We know it’s chilly out right now, but letting in fresh air from outside will do your indoor air quality a world a good. Try it—we think you’ll like it!
  4. An air purifier will help filter out some of the pollutants in the air. Make sure you purchase the right size purifiers for each room.
  5. You should change the filters in your heating and air systems regularly. We recommend changing them every 1-2 months.
  6. If you have problems with mildew or high humidity in your home, consider purchasing dehumidifiers to remove the extra moisture from the air.

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