Thank you for the prompt and professional service. For the record! The unit that was replaced was a twenty-one (21) year old Trane heat pump originally installed by Anchor. It had performed flawlessly for all these years with only minimum maintenance.

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Green fluorescent sticker on red thumbtack. Isolated on white.If you thought mold only took up residence in your shower, you are wrong. It is definitely drawn to areas where there is moisture, but it can also be floating invisibly throughout your house.

event_bigSpring fever is definitely blooming in West Georgia and so are the following upcoming children's events:

field of grass and happy young manAs much as we are ready for spring and warmer weather to arrive, one thing we aren’t ready for is spring allergies.

remember concept,  finger with gold tie on white backgroundSpring is on its way and everyone is pumped up to tackle his or her “spring to-do list”. Unfortunately one important task that is often left off that list is changing your HVAC filters.

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geothermalA geothermal system is designed to capture heat from the sun and store it in pipes buried in the ground. During the winter months, the heat from the ground is transferred to the fluid that is in the pipes and then into your home as warm, comfortable air. In the summer months, the system is reversed.

cleaningwindowChoosing windows for your home can be overwhelming. Windows provide scenic views, day lighting, moonlighting, ventilation and solar heating. While you want them to also reflect your style and enhance the look of your home, you also need to consider if they are energy efficient.

Stormy weather warning signWinter weather and power outages often go hand-in-hand. Heavy snow, ice and high winds can often bring down power lines.

TipsMaintainHeatingHaving your heating system shut down in the middle winter is the last thing anyone needs. The key to keeping your system running smoothly year-round is having it properly maintained.