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Some home safety hazards are obvious, like a toy truck or a ball lying at the top of the stairs or a broken handrail. But what about the not so obvious safety hazards? What measures have you taken lately to ensure you and your family live in a safe environment? Focus on these three areas to get started on a safer home today.

  1. Fire Hazards - The first line of defense is obviously smoke alarms. Here's what you need to know:
    • Install alarms on every level of the house.
    • Install alarms outside every sleeping area. If your household sleeps with closed doors, install one in the bedroom as well.
    • Make sure your smoke alarms are interconnected so that when one goes off, they all go off.
    • Test your alarms at least once a month and replace every ten years.
    • Candles, cooking, smoking, overloaded electrical outlets, appliances with frayed wiring, and Christmas trees all contribute to annual household fires. Use caution in these areas.
  2. Carbon Monoxide - This odorless, colorless, tasteless gas is virtually impossible to identify without a proper detector. It can be caused by anything from the clothes dryer, water heaters, ovens/ranges, a wood-burning fireplace, or a car left running in a closed garage. The best defense against this very deadly toxin is a carbon monoxide alarm.
  3. Chemicals -  Paint, glue, oils, fuel, pesticide, medicines - chemicals are used in and around the home everyday. And then you have the chemical cleaners - bleach, bathroom cleaner, window cleaner, oven spray, washing detergent, etc. There are two tricks to staying safe around the myriad of chemicals in your home:
    • Always store chemicals tightly sealed in the original packaging.
    • Lock it up, EVERY TIME - especially if you have small children in your home.

Safety is a key component to creating a warm home where your family can thrive. If you have questions or concerns about the safety of your HVAC equipment or indoor air quality, call the experts at Anchor Heating & Air – (770) 942-2873.


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