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You’ve probably seen ads on TV or the internet telling you it’s time to schedule a heating tune up. So you’re wondering, “Do I really need one? Is it just a gimmick? My furnace worked just fine last winter…”

The short answer is: Yes, your furnace needs to be tuned up regularly.

Dealing with unexpected heating repairs is not only uncomfortable, it also can get extremely expensive and cause quite a headache since you have to call for repairs and then wait for someone to finally show up to fix your furnace. Fortunately, the easiest and surest way to avoid unexpected breakdowns during the chilly Atlanta winter is to get your heater serviced now.

The Benefits of Furnace Maintenance

While it may seem unnecessary initially, furnace maintenance is just like servicing your car. If you do it regularly, you improve its efficiency, performance and reduce the chances of needing emergency repairs.

Start benefiting from a furnace tune up and:

  • Stay warm throughout the cold weather
  • Avoid having to pay emergency repair rates for a sudden furnace breakdown
  • Have peace of mind that you and your family aren’t exposed to carbon monoxide from a leaky furnace
  • Maintain the manufacturer’s warranty on your furnace
  • Extend the lifespan of your furnace, allowing it to serve you for longer and avoid the costs associated with purchasing a new unit
  • Reduce your monthly utility bill due to increased heating system efficiency

Furnace Tune Up Procedure

Regular furnace tune ups will provide you with increased safety and comfort, controlled costs and extended furnace life. When you get your car serviced they might check the brakes and change the oil, but what exactly happens during a furnace tune up?

The experts at Anchor Heating & Air Conditioning inspect your system and make adjustments. These include:

  • Thermostat adjustment and settings check
  • Adjustment and cleaning of all safety devices
  • Pilot flame or ignition system inspection with adjustments and cleaning as necessary
  • Burner and blower motor inspection
  • Flue check
  • Blower and blower compartment cleaning
  • Complete furnace cycle test
  • Carbon monoxide and venting test
  • Electrical connection adjustments

Experience Comfort & Peace of Mind This Winter

Don’t regret not having a tune up. Schedule your furnace maintenance session now to avoid experiencing problems later this winter. The heating specialists at Anchor are waiting to ensure your home stays warm and cozy.

Avoid heating problems during the cold weather. Contact us to schedule a furnace tune up today!


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