Is your air conditioning system struggling to keep all areas of your home evenly cooled? Well, you are not alone. It is a problem commonly seen during the hot, humid days of summer especially for multi-story homes. Use the following tips to help tackle the problem of uneven cooling in your home.

  • Insulation - If your second floor is hotter than the first, this may be exactly what you need. Is your roof protected from the sun or does your roofing material have the ability to deflect the sun? If not, heat will travel through the attic and into the second floor making it harder for the system to cool this area. Proper insulation in the attic will lessen the amount of heat that reaches the second floor.
  • Filters - When is the last time you changed your filter?  Filters need to be replaced at least quarterly, but check it monthly and if it looks dirty or clogged go ahead and change it. A dirty filter can restrict air flow throughout your home.
  • Air Vents - If your furniture is blocking your air vents or if there is a build up of dust and dirt on them, this could be causing redirection of your air flow. So be sure to check the outgoing flow on all your vents. On the contrary, closing vents strategically may help you to redirect the cool air to areas of your home as needed.
  • Air Ducts - Leaks of this nature allow the cool air to escape before it reaches the area it is meant to cool. If you suspect leaky air ducts could be contributing to the uneven cooling in your home, you need to have a professional come to inspect them.
  • Unit Lifespan - If you have tried all the above tips and are still experiencing uneven cooling, there is a chance your unit is outdated and needs replacing. While regular maintenance extends the life of your unit, many only last about 12-15 years. Make an appointment with a professional that you trust to determine if a new unit is right for you.

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