David Bentley took time with us measuring the square footage of the house, checking our system, and answering our questions. He was not the least bit pushy. We were very impressed with his genuine concern that we understood each answer he gave us.

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Improve the quality of the air inside your home this winter with HVAC upgrades from Anchor. Learn more about how your heating and cooling system can directly affect the indoor air quality of your Metro-Atlanta home.

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Caring about the community is not just a slogan, it's the long-time commitment of the team at Anchor Heating & AC. We're not only focused on bringing comfort and improved energy efficiency to Douglasville, Georgia homeowners, but we devote our time and resources to causes in the community that we care about.

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AC not working? Looking to upgrade your cooling system but having trouble making a decision? Anchor Heating & Air breaks down the differences between central air conditioners and mini-split heat pumps for homeowners in the Metro Atlanta area.

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Is the second floor of your home hot in the summer? Find out how to keep it cool with help from Anchor Heating & Air Co., serving the greater Atlanta, GA area. Anchor shares tips on servicing your air conditioning system, programming your thermostat, and more for greater comfort and lower energy bills.

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Find out how to reduce your home's cooling load, which will keep your home cooler while minimizing summer energy costs. Anchor Heating & Air Co. is the Atlanta area's local home comfort specialist, offering services like air conditioning maintenance, energy efficient AC replacement, and more.

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Find out why homeowners in the Atlanta, GA area are upgrading their heating and air conditioning systems with a Nexia smart Wifi thermostat. Nexia thermostats offer perks like easy programming, smartphone control, helpful alerts, and more. Learn more from Anchor Heating & Air Co.

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Maximize your comfort and save more energy by choosing an HVAC contractor who takes a whole home approach to heating and air conditioning. Anchor Heating & Air Co. of Atlanta understands how other parts of your home like insulation and air sealing affect your comfort. Learn more here.

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Heat pumps are extremely energy efficient and provide both heating and air conditioning — making them a great alternative to traditional furnaces and air conditioners. Find out if a heat pump is right for your Atlanta area home with help from Anchor Heating & Air Co., your local home comfort expert.

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Winter is upon us, and that means now is the time to make sure your heating system is ready. Have you scheduled annual heating maintenance yet? Book your maintenance appointment today and start enjoying these key benefits!

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Maximize home efficiency and comfort by choosing the right size furnace for your next furnace replacement. The team at Anchor Heating & Air Co shows you how in this blog post. Learn more about furnace sizing—and what can happen if you have an undersized or oversized furnace.