We were really impressed with the service provided by Anchor. The repair person promptly diagnosed and serviced our air conditioner the same day. THE SAME DAY! No waiting for parts to arrive. What a relief because our home was really uncomfortable due the heat.

Rodney and Gwendolyn Banks
Keep Your Home's Air Cool and Fresh this Summer

Is the air in your Georgia home far from refreshing? The experts at Anchor AC have some tips to fill your home with cool, fresh air.

Window with moisture on it showing humidity in house

Learn how to lower the humidity in your house this summer with the HVAC experts at Anchor. As a Trane authorized dealer, we offer new AC installation, heat pumps, whole-home dehumidifiers, and more.

Efficient Air Conditioner blowing cool air

An efficient air conditioner uses less energy to provide the cool air you need, and only runs when you need it. Learn more about how to reduce your cooling system energy use from the AC installation and maintenance experts at Anchor Heating & Air Co.

Why is My AC Making that Sound?

Learn some of the top causes of sounds coming from your AC. Is your metro area Atlanta home's air conditioner making a new or unexpected noise? Explore various noises and common repairs. If it's too much of a mystery, call Anchor AC for help when it's safer and smarter to bring in the pros.

Still from Anchor [VIDEOGRAPHIC] - How a Heat Pump Works & Why You Need One

Make finished basements, glassed-in porches, and bonus rooms more comfortable with mini-split installation from Anchor. Learn more about how heat pumps work and why Atlanta homeowners can use them as affordable single-room add-ons to their existing HVAC system.

Air Conditioner being repaired

Find easy and cost-effective DIY repair solutions for most of your home's air conditioning issues in Atlanta, GA. If a larger issue arises though, it's important to call in the pros. Anchor Heating & Air Co. is here to help you enjoy your summer to the fullest and avoid an air conditioning disaster.

Outside of a Georgia home

Learn why whole-house heating and cooling is gaining popularity in the Atlanta, GA area. Anchor Heating & Air Co. is here to serve you with air conditioning service in Douglasville, GA, or furnace repair near Douglasville.

A Trane Air Conditioner

Learn why Anchor Heating & Air recommends Trane air conditioners for your Atlanta-area home. Trane ACs are highly energy efficient, durable, and quiet, and will lead to greater home comfort and lower energy costs. Schedule your free, in-home consultation today.

Trane Heat Pump Outside Home

Learn what home electrification is and how your home can benefit from home electrification services from the seasoned professionals at Anchor Heating & Air. We handle all things heating and air conditioning, HVAC service, and ductless mini split system installation in the Metro-Atlanta, GA area.

Cozy home illustration

Enjoy winter in your home thanks to the heating & cooling pros at Anchor Heating & Air. Our expert technicians are trained to help you find solutions to home inefficiencies and keep the cold away. With over 50 years of experience serving the greater Atlanta area, Anchor is your trusted local heating & cooling expert.