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June 20, 2023

If you’re thinking about upgrading your cooling system, you may be looking at central air or mini split heat pumps and thinking, “How do I choose?”. There are some significant differences between these two HVAC options, but both provide reliable cooling for your Atlanta GA home. As the local professional cooling experts, Anchor Heating & Air is able to provide the basics on these two options.

How Do Central Air and Mini Splits Work?

Central air conditioning systems connect directly to central ductwork and deliver cooled air via supply ducts throughout your home while drawing warmer air back through return ducts to be cooled again.

Mini splits, often called ductless heat pumps, don’t need ductwork. Mini splits consist of an outdoor unit connected to an interior air handler installed directly in the room or area you’re looking to cool. The bonus with mini splits is that they have both cooling and heating settings, so they’re able to keep your home just as comfortable in the winter as the summer.

Central AC Pros & Cons

There’s a host of reasons why central air is the most widely used system type for cooling.

  • Less expensive to install

Because it hooks up to existing ductwork, central air is generally less expensive to install.

  • Works well with IAQ solutions

Central AC coordinates well with central air purification systems to improve indoor air quality by circulating clean air throughout your home. Central air provides excellent ventilation overall.

  • Ideal for larger homes

Centralized AC is a great choice for larger homes as it moves cool air to every room connected to the ductwork. 

  • Minimal effect on home aesthetics

Central air uses a single outdoor unit and all the interior ducts and controls are kept out of sight.

Mini Split Heat Pumps Pluses and Minuses

Mini split heat pumps provide versatile and highly efficient cooling and heating for your Marietta GA home.

  • Very efficient operation, more expensive to purchase.

Mini splits are incredibly energy efficient—particularly in heating mode—but the upfront cost for the units can be higher than a central air unit, and if you have a large home, you may need a number of indoor air handlers. Federal energy efficiency tax credits may apply to the installation of mini splits and reduce the costs. The actual installation is fairly quick, with only the connecting tubing for wiring and airflow. No major demolition as would be expected for installing traditional ductwork.

  • Zoning made easy.

Because mini split heat pumps have individual air handlers that can be controlled separately, you can create room-by-room zoning with independent temperature controls. 

  • Supplement central heating and cooling for hard to reach rooms

Mini splits are the perfect solution for bonus rooms, guest rooms, and garages where duct access isn’t available. Many homeowners operate a mini split alongside an existing central air system.

  • Indoor air handlers may not match your decor.

The wall mounted air handlers can be noticeable and are available in limited designs. However, many homeowners find the energy savings and ease of use outweigh any aesthetic downsides.

Still Not Sure Which Cooling Option is Right for You?

With more than 50 years of providing reliable, trustworthy HVAC services in the greater Atlanta Metro area, Anchor Heating & Air can help you decide which cooling solution is best for your home, budget, and comfort. We install top rated and reliable Trane and Mitsubishi mini split heat pumps, as well as Trane central air conditioning units. We’ll come to your home, analyze your needs, existing system and help you accomplish your goals.

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