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November 10, 2023

Though winters in Atlanta tend to be mild, it’s important to enjoy a cozy comfortable home all winter long. But when that one room in your home still won’t warm up, it’s probably time to do some further investigation.

Simple Fixes for Rooms That Aren’t Warm Enough

Some easy things to check for to fix that cold room in a house include heating vents, your thermostat, and your ductwork. 

  • Heating and return vents — Take a look at the vents where the hot air is supposed to come out. Is it blocked by furniture or a carpet? Check for accumulated dust and dirt, which can block the flow of air into the room. Carefully unscrew the vent and look inside for blockage or excess dust and vacuum out. Repeat for the return air vents to make sure air is circulating properly in the cold room. 
  • Check your thermostat — Tape a regular thermometer next to your thermostat control for the room in question. To get an accurate reading, use a folded paper towel to keep the thermometer away from the wall. If your thermostat is not working properly, it could be time for a replacement!
  • Check your ducts — If your ducts are easily accessible, take a look at the joints to see if any gaps or loose connections may be causing warm air to leak out before reaching the room in question.

Schedule a Routine Furnace Check-up

For that one room in your house that’s colder, it’s possible that your furnace is not functioning at its most efficient. If you haven’t already done so, schedule a routine heating maintenance appointment with the heating pros at Anchor Heating and Air. Their HVAC contractors can check for dirty filters, underperforming blower fans, and other routine causes of uneven heating in Buckhead GA homes.

Is It Time for Heating System Replacement?

Nothing lasts forever, and that includes your heating system! If you have one room that struggles to stay warm even when the rest of the house is nice and toasty, it could be that your old heating system is no longer able to adequately heat every part of your home. In this case, you may want to consider upgrading to a new Trane furnace. Not only will a new system be powerful enough to heat your entire home, but it will likely be much more energy efficient than your existing unit, saving you money!

Check Out a Mini-Split Heat Pump 

Whether your chilly room is a bonus room or bedroom, one great option is to install a mini-split heat pump for targeted heat and cooling. Mini-splits don’t require ductwork, and the indoor air handler is installed directly in the room you’re looking to keep comfortable. This makes them a great add-on to a larger central ductwork system that allows you to heat and cool hard-to-reach areas of your home without having to replace the entire system.

Save Money with New Tax Credits on HVAC Upgrades

With new energy efficiency incentives, you may qualify for tax credits that help you save money on HVAC replacements. Federal tax credits are now available with up to $600 for high-efficiency furnaces and up to $2,000 on heat pumps and mini-split installation. Check with your Anchor customer service representative to see how much incentive your mini-split will qualify for. We also offer other financing options to allow you to pay for your new mini split with easy to afford monthly payments.

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