Most people know that you must perform regular maintenance on regular air conditioning units, but tend to forget that window air conditioning units need attention as well. Without it, they will not be able to run efficiently and at optimal levels – and may even break down and stop working altogether.  So let’s look at some of the things you can do to extend the life of your window air conditioning units and keep them running efficiently for years to come.

Washing the filters

Just like central air conditioning units, window a/c units need clean filters in order to properly clean the air that comes into your home. The difference is that you can take the filter out of your window unit and wash it – unlike your regular central system that you most likely purchase new filters every month for. Washing the filter from your window unit is a very easy task. You can take off the front grill and remove the filter. You can use a mixture of soap, water and bleach to ensure any mold growth is killed and removed. Air dry before re-inserting in the window unit.

Cleaning the coils

This is also a very easy task that will improve the efficiency levels of your window a/c unit. You can simply use the hose on your vacuum with the brush attachment to get rid all of the extra dirt and debris that have made its way into the unit. You can also use this method to clean the condenser coils at the back of the air conditioner unit.

Clean the outside of unit

You should also check the exterior of the unit. Leaves, debris and other items such as overgrown bushes may be covering the outside of the window unit and blocking the intake panels.


If you use a window air conditioning unit on a regular basis then maintenance should be performed regularly to keep your a/c unit working as efficiently as possible – at least once every 1-2 months. This will also prevent premature breakdowns that require repairs or replacements.

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