The last place you would want to experience discomfort is in your own home - especially with this harsh heat we’ve been experiencing. It should be a haven from the pains and irritations of the outside world, so pollutants should be the last thing you would want in your home. Fortunately, we’ve compiled some tips to reduce the allergens in your home so you can enjoy the comfort it was designed for.


Inadequate ventilation will contribute to higher levels of allergens in your home. Without a regular intake of fresh air, the air inside will become stagnant and will experience a buildup of pollutants. While most heating and air conditioning systems aren’t capable of pulling in outside air, attic fans and window air conditioning units are very effective.


Mold can be a major contributor to allergens in your home because it produces a lot of spores, which can be carried by drafts and are typically major irritants for most people. Damp areas are excellent conditions for mold growth, so be wary of your humidity levels and of places in your home that generate a lot of moisture, such as the kitchen and bathrooms. Windows are another concern when it comes to mold because they experience frequent condensation and often trap in moisture. Regularly cleaning these areas and keeping your humidity down will make it difficult for mold to grow, thus resulting in fewer allergens in your home.


One of the most effective ways of maintaining low levels of allergens in your home is regular, thorough cleaning. High traffic areas tend to have greater amounts of pollutants in your home, so it’s a good idea to cleanse these spots frequently. Regularly clean your carpets because they tend to collect high volumes of allergens and dust mites, which can also trigger allergies. The more you clean your home, the less you will have to suffer allergens.

Without you even realizing it, conditions could be favorable for allergens to accumulate in your home. Fortunately, it’s fairly cheap and easy to combat most irritants. Upholstered furniture tends to collect more allergens than leather or furniture with plastic covers, so be sure to clean them regularly.  Also remember to replace your filters on a regular basis, because they too can trap pollutants, especially if you have high efficiency particulate air filters.

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