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March 8, 2021

Electric heat pumps are a buzzword in the HVAC industry right now, and their steady increase in popularity has left many homeowners wondering what all the fuss is about—especially here in the metro Atlanta area, where using electricity to heat and cool your home isn’t always the most efficient option.

For local homeowners, heat pumps and mini splits may not be the best whole-home HVAC solution. But that doesn’t mean you can’t benefit from one. When used in an application that makes sense, heat pumps and mini splits can make your home more comfortable and help you save on energy costs. Here’s how: 

1. Heat and Cool an Addition or Bonus Room 

Have you been thinking about finishing your basement or building a small addition over the garage? Projects like these are a great way to get the extra space your family needs without having to move. 

But in order to turn an addition into a living space, it needs heating and cooling, and running new ductwork can be expensive. Plus, there’s always the possibility that your furnace, boiler, or AC unit isn’t powerful enough to handle the extra space, and replacing it could run up the cost of your project significantly.

Ductless mini split heat pumps offer a cost-effective alternative. Heat pumps have both heating and cooling settings, and they can be installed as a supplement to your existing HVAC system, allowing you to heat and cool extra space without having to upgrade the entire system. Ductless mini splits—a type of heat pump—are also ideal for new living spaces, as they operate without ducts and can therefore be installed at a much lower upfront cost. 

2. Heat and Cool Problem Areas More Effectively 

Is there one room in your home that the heat or AC just doesn’t seem to reach? Maybe your sunroom is never cool enough, or the bonus room above your garage always feels exactly the same as the temperature outside. 

Problem areas like these can benefit greatly from a heat pump or mini split. Because the indoor air handler can be installed anywhere in your home, you can heat and cool problem areas directly. This will solve your comfort issues, and by reducing the strain on your primary HVAC system, you may be able to lower your energy costs too.  

3. Create Comfort Zones 

Heat pumps and mini splits can be controlled individually, allowing you to create comfort zones. So, for example, if you love to sleep in the cold but don’t want to pay for AC throughout your entire home, you can install a heat pump or mini split in your master bedroom. Then, you can pump cold air into your bedroom without having to cool your entire home to the same extent, helping you save energy and money. 

For even greater control over your home’s heating and cooling, you can include a Nexia smart thermostat with your heat pump or mini split installation. This high-tech control system is programmable, so you can set your preferences for different temperatures throughout the day. 

Get Help From the Comfort Consultants at Anchor Heating & Air 

Heat pumps and mini splits are excellent additions to your HVAC system, and when used in the right application, they can make your home more comfortable and energy efficient. For help finding the right system for your home and needs, turn to Anchor Heating and Air Conditioning. Our Comfort Consultants can evaluate your existing HVAC system and recommend the best solution to your heating and cooling concerns. 

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