August is a month of transitions. Your household may be transitioning into a new school year, from summer to fall activities or from hot weather to milder temperatures - hopefully! Use this time of transition to mark a few of these items off of your home checklist:

  • Tidy Your Mudroom or Drop Zone: Especially if you have kids in the house, take this opportunity to get a busy entryway under control. Clear the clutter, clean rugs and floors, wipe down shelving and put back only the essentials.
  • Prepare for Your Fall Wardrobe: Evaluate your summer clothing to determine what pieces need to be donated and what can pieces can transition into Fall. Set aside anything that needs repairs or that needs to make a trip to the cleaners before it is stored or pushed back until next summer. Preview your current fall wardrobe and donate anything that you no longer like or no longer fits. Make a list of any items you need to shop for before the cool weather comes.
  • Refresh/Restock the Pantry: Toss out anything that is out of date. Donate in date items that you probably won't be using to a food pantry. Organize and take stock of your inventory. Think about the type of items you like to cook during cool weather and begin a list for those staples.
  • Deep Clean Your Kitchen: This is often the most used area of the home, therefore it needs a deep clean more often. Sorry, it's just the way the cookie crumbles (and makes a mess and you have to clean it up).
  • Put Away Summer Gear:  Inspect your summer gear for damage and clean it before storing it away until next year. Make note of any items that need to be replaced because you may find them at the end-of-season sales.
  • HVAC Maintenance: During the little lull between the dog hot days of summer and the frigid cold days of winter is the time to schedule your HVAC maintenance. Your system works hard to keep you cool all summer, it may need a little TLC from your HVAC technician after all that hard work. Another reason to schedule maintenance during this in between time is to ensure your heating system will be ready for the first cold snap. Sometimes the temperatures drop drastically and you don't want to turn the heat on only to discover that it isn't working!

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