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Imagine the feel it is too cold, so you adjust the thermostat in your favor. Ten minutes later your spouse thinks it is too warm, so he or she turns the heat down. This can continue several times launching you into a full-on "Thermostat War!" Not only is this bad for relationships, it can also increase your utility bills! As we start to experience cooler temperatures, winterize yourself with these 6 tips:

  1. Dress in layers – Just remember when you are hot, you can always remove a layer. Long underwear provides additional heat without the bulky versions of the past. Thank you polypropylene and silk! Wear warm socks or slippers to keep your feet warm.
  2. Get moving – Nothing warms the body up quicker than to get it moving! Run up and down the stairs a few times or bust out a few jumping jacks in your living room. You’ll be shedding some of those layers quickly and doing your body good!
  3. Drink hot drinks & eat hot foods – Sip on a cup of warm coffee or hot chocolate and feel your body warm up. Have a slice of warm bread or a bowl of hearty beef stew to warm your insides and please your palate!
  4. Get hot in the kitchen – Get cooking and baking in your kitchen and you’ll be surprised how quickly it can help warm your home. Run your dishwasher during the day and open it up after the cycle to allow some of the warm steam to seep into your kitchen.
  5. Dress for the sheep – The dress in layers suggestion works well for counting those sheep at night. Dress warmly and have warm bedding. Flannel or jersey sheets are much more cozier than chilly percale sheets. Warm bodies rest better than shivering ones!
  6. Snuggle – Nothing is better than good old fashion snuggling! Body warmth is almost as good as a heating blanket. Got no body or pet to snuggle with? Make a minimal investment in a body pillow or pull out that huge stuffed animal you won at the carnival!

We hope these 6 tips will help you keep warm, reduce potential utility bill spikes and keep your relationships healthy! For more information regarding Anchor Heating & Air and the products and services we offer, please give us a call today at 770-942-2873!  


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