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We often think that indoor air quality is just an issue in the winter season. Well it's not. Besides battling the spring allergy season, the summer season can have its share of indoor air quality problems when your home or business is closed up to keep the air temperature cool and comfortable. Besides the obvious of making sure your air conditioning unit air filters are maintained and changed frequently, here are some additional tips to help improve indoor air quality:

DON'T IDLE CARS IN THE GARAGE - If your home or business has a garage, don't leave cars or other vehicles idling. The gas can filter into your home or business and pollute the air with carbon monoxide and other harmful chemicals.

USE LOW VOC-PAINTS - VOC means volatile organic compounds. Try to use a low concentration of VOC-paints when painting your home or business to help reduce the pollution of the gasses emitted. Leave windows open and run fans while painting to help reduce the amount of fume build up.

DEHUMIDIFIER - We recommend using a dehumidifier to help reduce excess moisture in your home or business. This will help reduce asthma attacks triggered by mold, mildew and dust mites. Make sure to keep the dehumidifier clean to help improve its performance.

FIX LEAKS - Leaks can lead to moisture and dampness and health issues. Check and fix any leaks around your home or business to include your heating and cooling units.

AIR FILTERING HOUSE PLANTS - Certain plants can be a great air filter and are an inexpensive and green method of improving indoor air quality. Plants such as the English ivy, aloe, spider plant, and snake plant are very effective at cleaning your air. There are many other kinds of house plants that can help purify your air of different allergens and chemicals, so make sure you take the time to research which plants are the best suited for your home or business.

KEEP IT CLEAN - Keeping your home or business clean is a great start to improving indoor air quality. Keeping it clean reduces the buildup of allergens and dirt. It also makes it less likely that insects and other pests will invade your home or business, which also reduces chemicals from being emitted.

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