Cold weather unsurprisingly can make us spend more energy to stay warm and cozy. Unfortunately, there will always be unavoidable expenses that come with cold
weather but if you know the right tricks, you can spend less while still staying comfortable. Now that the cold weather is almost upon us, we have composed a list of tips to save money and energy in your home so you can be prepared for the winter.

1. For those who have a furnace, shut off vents and close doors to unoccupied rooms to help trap heat in your home.
2. If you have a heat pump, do not close off vents or shut doors to unused rooms; this can cause damage to your system that could cost a lot to fix.
3. Make sure your attic has proper insulation to keep heat in the home.
4. Try to avoid using space heaters in colder rooms unless you are willing to lower the home’s thermostat for a long period to offset the energy consumption. For rooms that seem to be receiving less heat, look into getting a duct booster fan installed as an alternative to using a space heater. Duct booster fans help allocate heat to specific rooms for unbalanced air delivery systems.
5. We recommend setting your thermostat at 65 degrees. The higher the thermostat, the more energy you use up. You can save 3-5% off your bill for every degree lower.
6. Try keeping your thermostat set at a constant instead of fluctuating it whenever you feel too cold or too hot. A good alternative to raising your thermostat is to wear multiple layers in the home.
7. Keep your garage door, crawl space door, and crawl space vents closed. Also make sure your windows and doors are properly insulated to hold in heat better.
8. Open your drapes and blinds during warmer hours so the sun can help heat your home and close them during the colder hours.
9. Close your dampers to your fireplace when not in use. If you use your fireplace regularly, look into upgrading to one that pulls less heat out of your home.

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