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As we discussed In Part 1 of this series, your best defense is to stop mold before it even begins by being diligent in taking care of situations that promote mold. Immediately drying wet areas, proper ventilation and monitoring humidity were a few topics we discussed last week. Let's finish up this series with a few more great tips for keeping your family healthy by keeping mold out of your home.

Clean/Repair Gutters:

Clean gutters will keep rainwater flowing freely away from your house. Regularly clean your gutters and inspect them for damage. Water that gets clogged up in the gutters may lead to a leaky roof or work its way right into the walls and ceilings of your house. Left unnoticed, this type of water damage can quickly lead to mold.

Direct Water Away from Foundation:

The ground around your home should be sloped away from the foundation to prevent water from collecting and seeping into your crawlspace or basement. You may need to attach downspout extensions or line a trench with drainage pipe to direct water away from your foundation.

Improve Air Flow:

If you notice excess moisture condensing on your walls, windows or floors, improving the air flow in your home may be the answer. To increase circulation, change your air filter, open doors between rooms, unblock vents, move furniture away from walls, and use fans and air conditioning as needed. Letting fresh air in by opening doors and non-adjacent windows will also reduce moisture and keep mold at bay. If even after following all these tips you do spot mold, clean it right away with a bleach solution of 1/2 cup bleach to 1 quart of water. Consider calling in a professional to handle the problem if you find a big infestation or anyone in your house has a weakened immune system or severe allergy to mold.

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