ThankfulAs the Thanksgiving holiday approaches, most homeowners will not even think about being thankful for their HVAC system. It seems a little silly to give recognition to a piece of equipment. However, as families gather together during the holidays spreading holiday cheer, it could very well be a different scene if your system breaks down during a brisk, cold winter day. HVAC systems, including central air conditioning, furnaces and heat pumps provide us with the modern comforts and conveniences that we enjoy today. Before we grew accustomed to the expectation that our home would always remain consistently comfortable no matter the temperatures outside, we had to rely on creative ways to stay warm and cool in our homes.

When building houses, materials such as stone and brick were used more often. Windows were positioned so that cooling breezes could flow through the home and trees were planted in specific locations to shield the home from the blistering sun. Since we didn’t have modern technology to keep us comfortable, we had to rely significantly on nature. Crowding around a fire when cold weather hit or enjoying a glass of cold lemonade under the shade of your porch or a tree during the warm months was a common occurrence before the days of HVAC systems.

So when you are counting your blessings this holiday season, say a little extra thanks for our modern times and technology. Because of your HVAC system, you can enjoy everyday comfort and added enjoyment of the precious moments shared with family and friends in our homes. And if you are reading this and you haven’t winterized your HVAC system yet, please read our blog “Winter is Coming - Is Your Heating System Ready?” for a few tips to help with winter preparation.

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