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In our last installment of our saving money series, we talked about how changing your air filters regularly, closing your drapes and utilizing ceiling fans can actually decrease the energy your air conditioner has to use, therefore giving you lower monthly energy bills.  We have also discussed how attic insulation and ventilation can drastically decrease your monthly bill.  This week, we are going to go over just a few more ways that you can increase the efficiency of your air conditioning unit, decrease the amount of energy you use and also decrease the amount of money you have to pay out on your energy bill.

Raise the Temperature

One of the easiest and most drastic ways you can decrease your energy bill is by raising the temperature of your thermostat a few degrees. Keeping your thermostat at 78 degrees during the summer will help keep the bill down. The average home spends well over $1000 on heating and cooling each year; controlling the urge to set your thermostat lower than 78 degrees will help you reduce that amount. If 78 degrees feels too warm for your comfort, utilizing ceiling and standing fans will move that air around, making it feel cooler. During our hot, Georgia summer days – our air conditioning units will still have to work hard to cool the home, even at set at 78 degrees. Set too low, and the air conditioning unit will have to work extremely hard to cool the home – using more energy and raising your bill. Additionally, if the AC unit has not been maintained, it may even break down. So keep that thermostat at 78!

Programmable Thermostats

Programmable thermostats are ideal for those that are gone from the home during the day. You can program your thermostat to change temperatures for certain times of the day. You can raise it a couple of degrees while you are out of the home and program it to cool back down to 78 degrees before you are scheduled to arrive back home. It’s a great way to conserve energy when you are not home and is well worth the small expense of having one installed in your home.

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