It didn’t take long for the Georgia heat to hit this year. Our winter was practically nonexistent! We truly enjoy these beautiful days that are perfect for outdoor fun with the family, but the early heat also meant that people were using their air conditioning units much earlier than usual. This causes an increase in energy usage and an even larger increase in the amount due on our power bills. Over the next few weeks we will take a look at some of the key ways we can decrease our bills this spring and summer.

Attic Insulation & Ventilation

Having adequate attic insulation and ventilation will not only help you through the hot months, but through those winter months as well. Energy Star explains perfectly how insulating the attic works:

At first it may seem odd to add insulation for warmth and then purposely allow cold air to enter the attic through vents, but this combination is the key to a durable and energy-efficient home. Here's why: in the winter, allowing a natural flow of outdoor air to ventilate the attic helps keep it cold, which reduces the potential for ice damming (snow that melts off a roof from an attic that is too warm and then re-freezes at the gutters, causing an ice dam that can damage the roof). Proper insulation and air sealing also keeps attics cold in winter by blocking the entry of heat and moist air from below. In the summer, natural air flow in a well-vented attic moves super-heated air out of the attic, protecting roof shingles and removing moisture. The insulation will resist heat transfer into the house.

An attic fan is also important to keeping your bills down. As hot as it may feel outside, the typical attic is even hotter. The attic fan will work to draw in the cooler outside air.  If you have insulated your attic, make sure that you have not blocked the flow of air at the eaves or the attic coffit vents. If that has happened, then your attic fan will pull in your air conditioned from downstairs.

For more information about how attic insulation and ventilation can help you save money this spring and summer, check out EnergyStar’s website. They even have instructions and tips on how to do they job yourself.

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