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As the temperatures outside are heating up, you will definitely notice an increase in the amount of time your air conditioner is running. But how much is too much? When it’s hotter outside, it’s normal for a central air conditioner to run without cycling on and off as often. It becomes a problem if it literally never stops, it never reaches the desired temperature, or if your bills are much higher than normal for a similar time period.

If that’s you, here are few things that could be causing your air conditioner to run constantly.

  • Check Your Size - Air conditioners must be sized properly for each home - not too small, not too large - they have to be "just right". An undersized system will constantly struggle to cool your home, which will increase the wear and tear on your unit and reduce its life. If your system is too large, it won't effectively remove humidity from your home, resulting in an output of moist, clammy air. Don't forget to check your ducts. If your ducts are the wrong size, they may not be able to handle the airflow or distribute cool air efficiently to all parts of the home.
  • Check Your Thermostat - If your system seems to never shut off, your thermostat may not be correctly registering the conditions in the home. You can verify your thermostat reading by placing another thermometer in the same location as the thermostat. If your system is still running when the additional thermometer reaches the desired temperature, you may have found your problem.
  • Check Your Insulation - If your home is not properly insulated while your air conditioner is in use, you may be losing your precious cool air through small holes or non-insulated walls or roof. Read more in our blog post about The Benefits of Proper Insulation.

Tune in next week for more reasons you may have a constantly running air conditioner. In the meantime, if you have concerns about your unit call the experts at Anchor Heating & Air - 770-942-2873.


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