While spring is still a few weeks away, take time now to prepare your air conditioner for the high temps that will be here before you know it! The U.S. Department of Energy reports that heating and cooling account for about 48% of the average home utility bill, so the more efficiently you can run your air conditioning, the more money you’ll save.

Use the following tips to prepare your air conditioner for spring and have it running in tip top shape for the warm weather heading our way.

Test Run: Find out whether your central air conditioning is working properly by turning it to "cool" for a test run. You should feel a steady stream of cool air within a few minutes. This will allow you to recognize any issues or malfunctions and give you the opportunity to schedule an appointment before the rush of summer.

Replace Your Filter: The purpose of the filter is to help trap contaminants, dust, debris, allergens and other particles that fly through the air. Spring is a great time to start fresh with a clean, unclogged filter to prevent your family from being prime candidates for the allergy and asthma issues that normally accompany this season. Changing the filter will also increase the efficiency of your system.

Clean Your Unit: Clear any obstructions you might find around the grills or the unit such as leftover autumn leaves and fallen sticks or small branches. This is also a perfect time to use a brush and a soft cloth to wash away any dirt and debris that may have collected on your unit.

Insulation: Having a well insulated house is not just valuable for winter heating, but also for more efficient cooling in warmer weather. Check your attic insulation, air ducts, and windows and doors to be sure everything is properly insulated. This will ensure you are paying to cool only the inside of your house and not the great outdoors.

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