In our last blog, we learned that one of the benefits of a smart thermostat is the ability to control air conditioning settings remotely. For example if you are away on vacation, you can monitor the temperature and energy consumption of your home in real time and adjust accordingly all from the comfort of your hotel room. But what if you don't have a smart thermostat? How do you manage and set your thermostat while you are away? Do you just turn it off? Consider the following factors collectively before your next trip:

Length of Trip - If you are only going to be away for a day or two, it's better to keep the air conditioning on while setting the temperature 7-10 degrees higher than normal. For longer vacations such as a week or more, you will achieve higher energy and cost savings by turning the system off - even after compensating for the extra strain of returning a hot house to the correct temperature. But before you do that...

Weather - What will the weather be like while you are away? If the weather will be relatively mild, it is safe to leave your air conditioning off. But if it looks like it may be a scorcher, you should consider leaving it on at a higher temperature. If the indoor temperature becomes too high, your cooling appliances will have to run overtime and you may risk the effects of extra moisture in your home.

Efficiency - How is the overall energy efficiency of your home? If your home is well insulated and well-sealed with energy efficient windows and doors, it will be able to retain cooler temperatures for a longer period of time. Factor this in when deciding how to leave your air conditioner. Keep in mind that if you completely turn your air conditioning off you run the risk of higher humidity levels, the strain on your cooling appliances and the extra strain on your a/c to return your house to the correct temperature when you return. Taking into consideration the length of your trip, the weather and the energy efficiency of your home should help you to make the right decision. Call Anchor with any questions and for all your HVAC maintenance needs, (770) 942-2873. We have you covered!


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