Guess what? It is still hot and humid and it is also still humid and hot. And we are not sure when it will stop being hot and humid or if you prefer, humid and hot. So let's talk about a common air conditioner problem you may be experiencing during these dog days of summer - short cycling. Cycling is a normal operational process for HVAC systems. Typically, your system should have 2-3 cooling cycles within an hour on a moderate summer day. If your system is cycling inconsistently in rapid successions, then you have a short cycling problem. Short cycling not only harms the energy efficiency of your system, it puts excess wear on your equipment which can lead to frequent breakdowns and repairs. Let's figure out what may be causing this issue:

  • Oversized Unit - Air conditioners must be sized properly for each home – not too small, not too large – they have to be “just right”. It is possible that the air conditioning system in your home is simply too large for the space it is supposed to cool. It may be cooling your home too quickly causing short cycles that will prematurely wear down your equipment.
  • Clogged Air Filter -  Dirty filters result in insufficient air flow through your system. This will cause your system to work much harder to compensate for the loss of airflow. Filters need to be replaced at least quarterly, but check it monthly and if it looks dirty or clogged go ahead and change it. It is a small price to pay for big savings down the road.
  • Low Refrigerant - Contrary to popular belief, your system does not "use up" refrigerant like a car uses gasoline. If you have low refrigerant, it usually means you have a leak. This can put excess stress on your system causing it to short cycle.

Proper maintenance of your system is the best way to prevent short cycling from occurring. If you are experiencing problems or if you need to schedule maintenance, call the experts at Anchor Heating & Air - (770) 942-2873.


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