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Are you concerned about the indoor air quality in your home or business? In today's world, we are spending more and more time indoors which means health risks due to indoor air pollution are on the rise. We know you want to keep your family and employees breathing the best, safest air possible, so we have some practical tips to help you do just that!

Change Air Filter: By far, the easiest and cheapest tip we have to improve your indoor air quality. A clogged air filter allows dust and debris that should be filtered out to be re-circulated right back into your home. This is the exact opposite of its purpose! Regularly changing your air filter about every 3 months will not only keep your air cleaner, it will also save money on your energy bills.

Vacuum Regularly: This is another easy one. Regular vacuuming can greatly reduce harmful allergens that affect your indoor air quality. Using a vacuum with a HEPA filter will throw less dirt and fewer microscopic allergens back into the room as you vacuum. For best results, dust flat surfaces from the top to the bottom of the room allowing all the dust to float to the floor before you vacuum.

Proper Ventilation: Ever heard the saying "Build Tight, Ventilate Right". Older homes have natural ventilation and it is called having leaks. This is not necessarily a good thing, because leaks lead to higher energy usage and higher bills. Newer homes are being built much tighter and leak free which is great for your energy bills. However, with a leak free home you must be more vigilant about ventilation. You can allow your home to breathe by opening windows during nice weather and running exhaust fans in your bathroom and kitchen regularly. If you are concerned about the ventilation of your home, you can also speak to a professional about the addition of a whole house mechanical ventilation system.

Check back next week for more solutions to improve your indoor air quality. If you have concerns about the ventilation in your home or your indoor air quality, call the experts at Anchor Heating & Air – 770-942-2873.





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