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Defined by Wikipedia, “Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) is a term which refers to the air quality within and around buildings and structures, especially as it relates to the health and comfort of building occupants.” Often thought of as a “seasonal-only” problem, poor IAQ is a year-round issue that needs to be addressed. There are many factors that affect the quality of IAQ in the home. Unfortunately children and the elderly often suffer the most. Problems such as headaches, nausea, and eye and throat irritation are common symptoms. More serious risks can include asthma and allergies. In this 2-part series, we are going to take a look at some surprising sources of indoor air pollution and then discuss solutions to improve the IAQ in your home. Let’s first meet some common sources and triggers for poor IAQ:

  1. INTERIOR PAINT & NEW CARPETS: Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) are gasses released by many household products such as interior paint and new carpets.
  2. CRAFT SUPPLY CHEMICALS: Fumes from markers, glue and other art supplies.
  3. CLEANING PRODUCTS: Cleaning product chemicals such as ammonia and chlorine.
  4. CIGARETTE SMOKE: Second hand cigarette smoke.
  5. GAS STOVES: Improperly installed or vented stoves.
  6. HVAC SYSTEMS: Systems with cracks, dirty air filters and poor ventilation can cause carbon monoxide buildup.  Chimneys can also collect carbon monoxide if not well maintained.
  7. OUTDOORS: Radon leaks from outdoors that enters homes through cracks or holes in the foundation, walls and around pipes.

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