Word cloud for Indoor air qualityThe temperature of the air in your home, filtering particles from that air and the level of humidity in your home all contribute to the indoor quality of air surrounding you. According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), whether you or your family suffer from allergies and asthma, the air you breathe indoors still may be worse than the air you breathe outside.

Symptoms of poor indoor air quality not related to allergy and asthma sufferers:

  1. Headaches
  2. Itchy eyes
  3. Running noses
  4. Tiredness
  5. Coughing

Allergy and asthma triggers:

  1. Dust mites
  2. Animal dander
  3. Other airborne pollutants

Air Filter Solutions

The experts at Anchor Heating & Air recommend investing in a good, quality grade filter. Most common filters on the market are made of cheap fiberglass threads that do not stop most pollutants. Some even allow up to 98% of the smaller particles to pass through! Contact us today at (770) 942-2873 or go online and let one of our experts help you choose one of the following products that best fits your needs:

  1. 5” Two-Stage Cap50/Cap100 Filter
  2. Hepa Filters
  3. UVC Germicidal Lamp

Humidity Level

Another factor in the mix is humidity in the home. Read more here regarding humidity levels and solutions to help keep the moisture balanced in your home.

For more information regarding how Anchor Heating and Air Conditioning can help keep your family and your home healthy this winter season, give us a call at (770) 942-2873.


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