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Are your energy bills too high? Do you wonder if your heating or air conditioning is operating as well as it could? If you’re asking these questions, then there probably are ways to improve your home’s energy performance. But where do you start? Get the answers you need from Anchor Heating & Air Conditioning. An expert consultant will come to your Atlanta metropolitan area home to assess your options and if you decide to replace your heating or air conditioning system the consultation is free.

What Are the Options?

An in-home consultation is the only way to find out exactly what’s happening with regard to heating and cooling in your home. Every situation is unique, so we know it’s important to take into consideration the size of your home, your family’s habits and your budget when determining the heating or cooling solution that’s best for you.

  • Repair

Regular maintenance and necessary repairs are essential to keep your systems running at peak efficiency. It may be that your current system needs only small repairs to provide the comfort you need. Anchor can perform any maintenance or service required or advise you if replacement is a better option.

  • Replace

If your heating and cooling systems are old, it may be time to consider replacement. It’s possible that the cost of repairs will be more than your system is worth or that your system is using more fuel than it should to provide you with only marginal comfort. Your Anchor consultant has the knowledge and expertise to guide you toward the most economical decision.

  • Upgrade

You may want to consider an upgrade even if your current system is still operating. Newer systems are far more energy efficient that their older counterparts, so even if your older system is doing its best, it usually can’t compete on energy efficiency and fuel economy. At Anchor, we offer highly energy efficient Trane heating and cooling products that can reduce energy bills by as much as 50%. With lower heating and cooling bills, you’ll quickly recoup your upgrade investment.

Personal Attention from Anchor

An important part of your in-home consultation is making sure your systems are properly sized. Our technicians are trained to calculate the heating and cooling load of your home to ensure the right equipment is installed to provide you with the utmost in home comfort. And once it’s installed, we can ensure it runs smoothly for years with proper maintenance. At Anchor, we want all our customers to have the comfortable, energy efficient homes they deserve, so we offer competitive financing options to make that possible. Find out how affordable increased home comfort and energy savings can be for you.

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