You know you have a problem, you just don’t know if it’s your heating-and-cooling system or something else. As much as you resist, you must go down there. You feel something rush by your leg and knowing it could be anything from a spider, snake or some type of rodent, you plow on into the deep, dark abyss known as


A crawl space’s main purpose is to provide service access for plumbing, electrical and heating-and-cooling systems. If the home doesn’t have a basement, a crawl space is built to provide this access.

Beware of the scary occurrences that can happen in your crawl space:

1)   Besides the creepy crawlers, controlling the moisture in your crawl space can be a challenge.

2)   When lots of water is added, such as when a flood occurs, mold and rot causes indoor air quality (IAQ) problems and possible structural deterioration.

3)   Soil gasses like radon or methane can find their way into your home through the crawl space.

4)   In heating-dominated climates, 40% or more of the air you breathe in your home originated from your very own crawl space!

Depending on what part of the country you live, crawl space configuration may vary. HVAC ductwork can also play a major part in your crawl space environment. The best advice is to enlist a professional in the Heating & Air industry to come to your home and conduct an audit of your crawl space. From there they can make the best recommendations for your home and show you ways to be more energy efficient. For a more in-depth look at Crawl Spaces, please click HERE.

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