Heating Company DouglasvilleCold weather is almost upon us, and that means we will typically spend more energy to stay warm and comfortable.  Although it isn’t yet frigid outside, we decided to compile a list of ways to save during cold weather for your office so your business can be prepared to save money and stay green while staying comfortable.


  • Opening blinds on windows that face the sun during the day and remembering to close them when the sun no longer shines is a good way to help warm up your office naturally without spending any energy.  Trimming trees and bushes that may block sunlight from reaching your windows can help increase the amount of natural heat your office receives.
  • Keep the office thermostat set at a constant temperature and do not allow any employee to tamper with the setting will help save a lot of energy. Remember: the lower the thermostat is set, the more energy your business saves. Allowing employees to wear extra layers of clothing –as long as they are appropriate for your office- can help influence the office to agree on setting the thermostat on lower temperatures.
  • Set the thermostat on lower temperatures for areas that generate low foot traffic or where people spend brief amounts of time, such as bathrooms and back offices, to save on heating expenses.
  • Do not allow space heaters in the office; they consume large amounts of energy to heat very small areas. If you have any employees that have issues with being cold, work with them on cheaper and more efficient alternatives to help satisfy them.
  • Upgrade your office equipment and systems to run more efficiently while consuming less energy.
  • Installing weather strips on office doors and windows will help better insulate your workspace.
  • Properly maintaining your office heating system will help it run efficiently and prevent problems that require costly repairs.

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