With fall underway, air pollutants inside the home can still be a very real threat. Here’s a list of tips to help keep the air in your home clean this fall and winter:

  • Utilize mats both inside and outside the entrances to your home; they help catch particles and debris and prevent them from spreading throughout the household. These mats need to be cleaned regularly, especially the ones by the most frequently used doors because the dirtier the mat, the less effective it is at keeping your home and air clean.
  • Clean the outside of your home. The dirtier your home is on the outside, the greater amount of air pollutants will infiltrate the inside of your home. Remember to regularly rake your yard, sweep your driveway and sidewalks, and keep your porches and decks clean.
  • High efficiency particulate air filters are hospital grade filtration units with a 99.97% efficiency against 0.3-micron particles. Using these will greatly minimalize the amount of air allergens running amok in your home. Regular air filters are designed to only protect your cooling and heating systems and do not really help at reducing airborne pollutants.
  • Cleaning and dusting your home weekly is an effective way to help keep the air indoors clean. For areas in the home that experience a lot of traffic, it may be wise to clean a little more frequently. It is also important to vacuum all rugs and carpets on a regular basis because the dust and particles that readily collect there can be stirred up by anybody walking by.
  • For those with pets, make sure you take the time to brush them outside even though it’s getting cold. Pet hair and dander can easily build up in the home due to the cold weather.


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