There is nothing worse than finally turning on the heat in your home on a freezing day to find that your heating system is no longer working or is not working to full capacity. Don’t wait until the temperature drops to make sure your heating system is ready to take on the challenge of heating your home! We get frantic calls every year around late fall or early winter from folks who haven’t maintained their system all year and when they finally turn it on, were surprised to find it broken. When it gets cold, you want to keep your home warm, not worry about repairing or replacing your heating system. So let’s take a look at how you can make sure, that when the time comes, your heating system is ready to get to work.

Have your Heating System Checked and Tuned Up Now!

The best time to have your heating system checked out and tuned up is before you actually need to use it. That’s why we tell people to give us a call in the fall to make sure there will be no issues when it is time to turn on the heat.

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For our customers’ convenience we offer a service plan that includes two visits to your home ahead of each peak season (Spring and Fall) for one reduced price. Our licensed and insured technician will work through a detailed checklist and inform you of your system status, and we will keep a log of your equipment history. In addition, you will receive priority scheduling and a 15% discount on parts and labor for any repairs or upgrades.  Not only will you save money with the discount, you will also save money by preventing major blowouts on your equipment.  Regular maintenance is important in keeping your equipment in tip-top shape.  During our maintenance visits, we can alert you ahead of time if a part looks like it may fail or if there is potential for a future breakdown.

We are confident that your money will be well-spent on our comfort-assured maintenance plan.  With all the money you will save by avoiding equipment issues and breakdowns, it will more than pay for itself.  Your systems will even be able to run more efficiently after maintenance, saving you money on your energy bill.  So call today to sign up for your service plan and to schedule your first maintenance appointment. You can call at (770) 942-2873 or contact us online at



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