Now that it’s getting cold outside, there are different hazards to look out for in the office. Here is a list of safety tips your office should abide by to reduce the chances of disaster:

  • Do not allow space heaters in the office. Apart from using up a tremendous amount of energy to warm such a small area, space heaters are behind many fires every year. Enact rules and regulations that prohibit employees from utilizing space heaters in case any are contemplating of bringing one into the office.
  • Electrical fires are the most common type of fire caused in offices, especially during cold weather. Make sure every device and equipment is properly plugged in with no wiring exposed from the cords. Set rules that prevents cords from being tangled and in the way of traffic to prevent accidents. Also make sure that outlets are not being abused –too many cords going into outlets can greatly increases the risk of fire.
  • Do not keep devices running when not in use. This increases the risk of fire as well as greatly wastes energy. When closing the office, make sure every device is properly powered down and, for good measure, power off all surge protectors.
  • Make sure your building is properly insulated and its central heating is properly maintained.
  • Do not allow food or open drinks near electronics and outlets. Because it’s getting cold outside, many employees may want warm drinks in the office, such as coffee and hot chocolate. Spilled drinks can not only damage your expensive equipment but also increase the risk of injury and fire. If there is a spilled beverage by any electrical equipment or outlet, power down the devices and carefully clean the spill. If there is liquid directly touching the outlet, make sure everything plugged into it is switched off or unplugged from the device’s end, if possible, and wait for the area to completely dry.

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