Now that cold weather is almost upon here, you should start making sure your heating system is functioning properly and efficiently to reduce the risk of problems down the road. While making sure everything is in working order you should also check to make sure you have proper attic insulation. Doing so can help you save a lot of money and energy because improper insulation:

Holds less Heat

Improper attic insulation is inefficient at holding heat in your home. While this seems obvious enough, many people neglect insulating their attics because it doesn’t seem like a big deal. In fact, some are under the impression that adding insulation isn’t cost-effective because the attic is rarely –if ever –visited during the fall and winter. However, we sometimes forget that heat rises, so the less insulated our attics are the more heat escapes our homes.

Increases Wear and Tear

As more heat escapes through the attic, the harder your heating system works to warm your home. Obviously, the more your heat runs, the more energy is used to heat the home. But there is a more worrisome implication involved with improper attic insulation: increased wear and tear on your heating system. Wear and tear causes your heating system to run more inefficiently, meaning that it uses up more energy every time it runs. Also, with increased wear and tear, you risk greater chances of your heating system needing maintenance or even failing.

Proper attic insulation can help you save energy for the upcoming cold weather by efficiently keeping heat inside your home. Because heat rises, the attic needs to be properly insulated to prevent as much heat as possible from escaping. It also helps keep your heating system from running too often. The less your heat runs the less energy you use and the less wear and tear your system experiences. Although we don’t always realize it, attic insulation is very relevant when it comes to saving energy during cold weather.

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