As we all unfortunately know, heating and cooling your home costs money. Some of us know this more than others; replacing and repairing heating and cooling equipment can be very costly. With Anchor Heating and Air properly maintaining your systems, you can experience your equipment functioning better at lower cost.

Higher Efficiency

When your heating and cooling systems experience proper maintenance, they will operate with greater efficiency than if they weren’t periodically checked on and maintained. Whenever something malfunctions, no matter how slight or inconsequential it may seem, this causes your system to work harder to achieve the same objective. For instance, if there is a small duct leak, your equipment will work harder to make up for the lost output. When your heating and cooling equipment are properly maintained, they operate better and use up less energy to make your home comfortable.

Longer Lasting

When your heating and cooling equipment run at a higher efficiency, they last longer. Because they do not have to work harder to achieve the same amount of output, your systems experience less wear and tear. Improper installations aren’t uncommon with certain mechanics –especially those who haven’t been properly trained –and that can lead to short lived equipment, but when your systems are properly checked and maintained, we can fix any installation problems that we find. With proper maintenance, your heating and cooling systems can last longer for years.


Properly maintained heating and cooling systems are, in the long run, are much cheaper to operate and even maintain. Your system components last longer and the equipment runs more efficiently. With longer lasting and healthier systems, you do not have to prematurely replace your equipment and you would also spend a lot less on any repairs that might come up. Your systems are also cheaper to run every month, which saves a lot of money over time.

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