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Last week, we talked about one of our frequently asked questions: “Where should I install my programmable thermostat?” This week, we want to address another one of our most frequently asked questions: “Should I upgrade my heating and air conditioning equipment?”  We think this is the perfect time to talk about this subject because if you do decide to upgrade your air conditioning system – now is the perfect time.  It will get “Georgia hot” soon and if it is determined that your current system is in need of upgrading and you decide to wait – it could leave you and your family sweating it out this summer.

Is your system in need of constant repair?

One sign that it may be time to upgrade your equipment is if your system is in need of constant repair.  We can usually fix a problem, but if it is time to upgrade your air conditioning equipment – it may be just like putting on a band-aid.  It will only be a matter of time before the entire system breaks down and you will have to replace it anyways.  We will never try to intimidate you into buying something that you do not need, but you can trust that Anchor will tell you when you are throwing your money away on repairs.  If you are constantly putting money into repairs for your AC system – consider making an upgrade to a newer, more efficient model.

Is your system inefficient?

Another red flag signaling that it is time for an upgrade is an inefficient system – usually known by extremely high energy bills.  Sometimes, even though your system does not need constant repair, a person could benefit from upgrading their air conditioning or heating equipment.  Technology has come a long way, in even just ten years, that if you have older equipment – you may be experiencing a common problem: high energy bills.  Unfortunately, older systems are just not as efficient as some of our newer models.  Even when paying out of this world energy bills, your house still may not be kept at a comfortable temperature. If you have a system that is ten years old or older and you experience high bills and uncomfortable temperatures in your home – you may, too, benefit from upgrading to new equipment.  The American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy says you may save up to 50% if your old unit was installed before 1990. We promise we will never try to push you into buying new equipment if you do not need it.  We can even help you find someone for a second opinion if you are still not sure about a recommendation to upgrade.  For more information about Anchor Heating and Air Conditioning, our Trane equipment, or for pricing information – please, give us a call at 770-942-2873 or contact us on the web at  You can also join our online community on Facebook for daily tips, trivia, and even prize giveaways. We look forward to connecting with you!


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