Plan now for the hot Douglasville summer!

Spring is officially here! Because of the warmer temperatures, most have turned off their heating systems for the year.  Spring is an opportunity to save a good chunk of money on the high energy and/or gas bills that many experience over the winter months. It’s also a time to start saving money for the higher bills you may face over the summer from running the A/C.  Here are a few tips to help you keep your home comfortable this spring, but without the big bills. Additionally, conserving energy is better for the environment! If you do not suffer from spring time allergies open your windows when you rise in the morning.We have had some outrageous pollen in the area this week, so this may not be a feasible option just yet.  Of course, you will want to be sure that you have high-quality screens installed so that you do not develop a pest problem. If it is not too cool, you can place window fans in the windows to pull that cool, fresh air through your home. When it gets warm outside, though, you should close the windows and curtains to get keep all the cool air you collected inside the home. Using the ceiling fans throughout your home will also help you to feel cool by keeping the air moving and circulating. Household tasks may also play a role in heating your home up during the day.  Things like laundry, dishwashing and cooking can make you want to turn on the A/C.  If so, try to avoid doing these things in the peak hot hours of the day. If you are cooking during the day, be sure to utilize your exhaust fan and ceiling fan to try and avoid heating up the kitchen and the home.  If you are doing laundry during the day, consider hanging your laundry in the sun to dry. We hope these tips will be helpful to you this spring. If you have any other tips that you know work to save money and energy, come by our Facebook page and share with our online community! We would love to hear your ideas! For more information about Anchor Heating and Air Conditioning, the services we offer or for more great energy efficiency tips – please give us a call at 770-942-2873 or contact us on the web at


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